Iran's Human Rights Violators

On 12 April and 10 October, the EU imposed sanctions on Iranian officials responsible for grave human rights abuses.  This represents a further expression of the EU’s serious concern about the human rights situation in Iran.  All have perpetrated violations as serious as torture and applying the death penalty on vague charges and without fair trial.  A total of 61 individuals are now subject to EU asset freezes and have been denied entry to the EU.

The names of those listed and the reasons for their listing have been published in the EU’s Official Journal of 12 October and 12 April.

On 10 October, the Foreign Affairs Council of the EU announced the latest measures in a statement, that expressed the EU’s deep concern that  “the human rights situation in Iran continues to deteriorate”, called for a moratorium on the use of the death penalty and deplored the “widespread repression of Iranian citizens.


Mahmoud Abbaszadeh-Meshkini

mahmoud-abbaszadeh-meshkini-194x130Interior Ministry’s political director

Alireza Akbarshahi

alireza-akbarshahi-194x130Commander of Tehran Police

Seyyed Alireza Avaee

seyyed-alireza-avaee-194x130President of Tehran Judiciary

Jaber Baneshi

alireza-baneshi-194x130Prosecutor of Shiraz

Seyyed Hasan Firuzabadi

seyyed-hasan-firuzabadi-194x130Chief of Staff of Iran’s Joint Armed Forces

Mostafa Barzegar Ganji

mostafa-barzegar-ganji-194x130Prosecutor-General of Qom

Mohammadreza Habibi

mohammadreza-habibi-194x130Deputy Prosecutor of Isfahan

Mohammad Hejazi

mohammad-hejazi-194x130Head of IRGC’s Sarollah Crops in Tehran

Nabiollah Heydari

nabiollah-heydari-194x130Head of Iran Airport Police Authority

Yadollah Javani

یدالله جوانیIRGC Political Bureau Chief

Masoud Jazayeri

مسعود جزایریDeputy Chief of Staff of Iran’s Joint Armed Forces, in charge of cultural affairs

Mohammad Saleh Jokar

محمد صالح جوکارCommander of Student Basij Forces

Behrouz Kamalian

بهروز کمالیانHead of the IRGC-linked ‘Ashiyaneh’ cyber group

Mousa Khalilollahi

موسی خلیل اللهیProsecutor of Tabriz

Sadeq Mahsouli

صادق محصولیFormer Minister of Interior until August 2009

Mojtaba Maleki

مجتبی ملکیProsecutor of Kermanshah

Mehrdad Omidi

مهرداد امیدیHead of the Computer Crimes Unit of the Iranian Police

Mahmoud Salarkia

محمود سالارکیاDeputy to the Prosecutor General of Tehran for Prison Affairs

Hossein Tala

حسین طلاGovernor General of Tehran Province until September 2010

Morteza Tamaddon

مرتضی تمدنGovernor General of Tehran Province, head of Tehran Provincial Public Security Council

Hossein Zebhi

حسین ذبحیDeputy to the Prosecutor General of Iran

Mohammad Kazem Bahrami

محمد کاظم بهرامیHead of the judiciary branch of the armed forces

Seyyed Morteza Bakhtiari

سید مرتضی بختیاریMinister of Justice, former Isfahan governor general and director of the State Prisons Organization until June 2004

Seyyed Mohammad Hosseini

سید محمد حسینیMinister of Culture and Islamic Guidance since September 2009

Heydar Moslehi

حیدر مصلحیMinister of Intelligence

Mohammadbagher Bagheri

Vice-chairman of the judiciary administration of South Khorasan province, in charge of crime prevention

Aziz Hajmohammadi

Former judge at the first chamber of the Evin Court, and now judge at branch 71 of the Tehran Provincial Criminal Court

Hojjatollah Souri

Head of Evin Prison

Hassan Akharian

Keeper of Ward 1 of Radjaishahr prison, Karadj

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3 responses to “Iran's Human Rights Violators”

  1. TUSHAR SEN says :

    The fundamental rights that humans have by the fact of being human, and that are neither created nor can be abrogated by any government.

    I have mentioned the definition of Human Rights which should be applicable for human being. Whether Iran rulers have the same meaning of Human Rights or not?

  2. ali soho says :

    it’s now high time to prosecute these people (they really look fearful and powerful)and punish them with the most punishment that they would ever get or rather hang them, too, like what they did to those innocent victims.

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