Interview with Ali Hasan-Pour’s wife

Scene: In the Behesht-e-Zahra Cemerery in Tehran, where Mrs Hasan-pour’s husband Ali is buried, having been killed by the Iranian regime.

Mrs. Hasan-Pour: I was approached by a security agent who asked me if this was block #44.  I responded: “How may I help you sir?”

Agent: “We have received information about someone holding Ahya (1) ceremonies at this location!”

That made me extremely angry.  I got up to go… Imagine me, a woman…alone…at Ali’s gravesite, at 11 o’clock at night…saying prayers…holding a private Ahya ceremony.

Irate and disturbed, I asked the man: “You can’t even leave us alone in the graveyard?!”

Agent: “You are holding a ceremony for Mr. Hasan-Pour.”

Me: “No absolutely not, but assuming that it was for him; is that against the law?  Is it a sin, to hold Ahya or cite Ashura prayers at his gravesite??”

There was a huge crowd swarming Behesht Zahra cemetery that night.  You couldn’t find an empty spot anywhere.  My children and I were part of the crowd.

“So, you have only found me to harass in this huge crowd??” I asked him.

Agent:  “No, but the Security police has notified us that you have displayed Mr. Hasan Pour’s photo in the back of your car, as a propaganda picture.

Me:  Hello! For god’s sake, his picture has been in the back of my car for TWO years now!

 Host: Mrs. Hasan-Pour, how did they respond to you?

Mrs. Hasan-Pour:  Well, in the end, they gave me a back-handed apology and said I could go back and sit with my husband…  But I continued: “This is Ahya night and the cemetery is open all night.  I am going to sit here by his site, till tomorrow morning… You know, it is in fact YOU and your people who have dragged me here.  I had no reason for visiting Behesht Zahra up until my husband’s death.  But now, my days and nights are spent here!  YOU have brought us here!”

My child is trying to persuade me to just get up and leave.  I tell her, NO, I must try to at least figure out what in the world do they want from me!  We can’t even sit at his gravesite, in peace!! (strained voice)

Host:  Mrs. Hasan-Pour even Mr. Larijani has stated recently that only one person was killed during post-election protests and by American and Israeli elements.  Such a claim by the Head of Judiciary, coupled with the authorities’ mistreatment of victims’ families, makes you wonder about…

Mrs. Hasan-Pour – Yes, if you recall, Mr. Larijani had previously made similar remarks as to Neda being the only protester who was killed and by British operatives!  I had said in response: “Well then, tell us, who killed Ali, who killed Shohrab, who killed Maryam, Ramin, Mostafa, Mohammad Mokhtari?  My own husband was killed on day 1 of the protests.  I know very well that no amount of pursuing his case is going to return him to life, but I wonder just how much longer is the violence going to carry on?!

When that man who blindly and without a moment of hesitation pulled the trigger and opened fire at my husband on that day of 25 Khordad (June 15th)…if he was arrested; if he was tried in court at that time, then on Ashura Day, Mostafa Karim-Baigi would not have been killed, Shabnam Sohrabi would not have been run over by a truck.  On 25 Bahman  (Feb 14th), Mohammad Mokhtari wouldn’t get killed…  I am fed up.  I feel saddened for our youth who are getting killed, as many as 4 or 5 every day, and there is no one to answer for their deaths!

They have orphaned my children.  They have turned our lives into a grave yard [broken voice] to what end … until when … for how long are they going to carry on their actions?

Long pause…

They have offered me a Dieh.  I don’t want it. What is that going to solve for me?  Believe me … I’m sick…for days now; I haven’t been able to eat, I don’t know if I’m coming or going, I don’t know what to do… I took 20 pills yesterday – believe it or not – just to be able to stand up. [crying]  They have destroyed us.  They have destroyed me.  Enshallah, god will do….[crying]…I only hope for, what they have put us through, to happen to them!  I pray to god that one day they watch their…slowly die before their eyes without being able to do anything about it…

I swear on Ali’s soul that I don’t live even for a moment.  I exist only on the hope for the day when we can have our day in court.  The day when ALL the perpetrators of such crimes can be dragged to court, to answer, to answer: Why? What were the people guilty of?  What was their sin??



Video clip



(1) In Shia Islam, 19th, 21st, and 23rd of Ramadan are considered precious nights of Qadr (the time when holly Quran was bestowed on Prophet Mohammad) and Moslems observe these nights by holding special ceremonies on ‘Ahya night’ (Shab-e-Ahya), such as praying, reciting supplications (Du’a), staying awake at night and praying till dawn.

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